Leading researchers from across NSW Government are giving an insider’s view of the techniques used to deliver some of our biggest projects, by turning them into ready-to-use activities and templates for anyone to use.

The new collection, which is part of our NSW Digital Service Toolkit, acts as a conduit between the sector’s most experienced, effective researchers and the teams and individuals aiming to operate at the same level. 

We’re also excited to be working hand-in-hand with some of the best researchers in NSW Government. Our contributors used their knowledge of what works (and what doesn’t) to shape the activities they shared.

“The showcase template we've shared is one that helps my team establish shared knowledge, confidence and clear expectations for research with our leaders and the wider team. It clears the way for doing research that really delivers.” Kimberly Richards, OneCX team

A screenshot of the resource landing page

The focus for the resources is practicality and progress. 

We know from months of research and testing people just want to get started. That’s why all activities and templates come with step-by-step instructions, examples, expert tips and community support to help you get started sooner. Each contributed activity includes clear outcomes, next steps and output documents to ensure you don’t just do research, you use it.

We’re also really pleased to have support from our leaders.   

“Research needs to deliver value in one way or another. Having resources like this that can be adapted to our process and project outcomes will help ensure our research leads to better customer experiences.” Mark Howard, Executive Director for Digital Strategy Investment & Assurance. 

Example activity board in the Turning findings into actionable insights activity
Example activity board in the Turning findings into actionable insights activity

The Research activities and templates will launch with 9 community-sourced resources. 

Planning research:  

Doing research:  

Using research:  

These resources are just the beginning. There are amazing practices and curly research challenges all across NSW government. We want everyone to help us grow the collection by suggesting their own resources, or requesting them from our leading researchers.