One of the earliest projects we funded through the Digital Restart Fund was the digitisation of tenant leases. What was once a cumbersome and time-consuming process of signing a tenant lease, is now a simple, smart and seamless customer experience. What once required 6 different application forms and for prospective tenants to physically go to an office, has now been transformed into an intuitive online process that takes less an hour.

Released statewide by the end of 2020, Digital Tenant leases are continuing to deliver outcomes for customers:

  • 5,238 public housing leases are now online, which accounts for 99% of all leases since launch.
  • 75% of new tenants choose to receive their Residential Tenancy Agreement and associated leasing documents electronically - this has saved the dept. from printing around 42,000 documents over the past year alone.
  • The digital tenant lease saves 45mins on each new lease established.
  • To date, 62,000 people have now downloaded the MyHousing mobile app 

All in a day’s work

In an even more ambitious and equally inspiring move, the DCJ Housing team recently leased an entire building development in South-West Sydney in one day!

Prospective tenants were invited to an event where they could inspect an apartment they were being offered. If they liked what they saw and were keen to accept, the DCJ staff opened the IVY app created for digital leasing to electronically sign the tenant up to the new lease – right there on the spot! This allowed the tenant to then walk away with the keys…all on the same day.

This is in stark contrast to the ‘old ways’ where the prospective tenant had to go to a DCJ office to get the keys, then travel to view the property being offered, return to the DCJ with their decision, before arranging a future date to sign the lease. A process that could take two to three weeks!