NSW AI Strategy


The NSW Strategy will set out the NSW Government’s vision for AI and help improve the NSW public sector’s ability to use AI solutions to improve customer services.  

To be developed by February 2020, the main outcomes of the Strategy will be a product that guides NSW government investment in AI development for the short and medium term.  

It aims to benefit the customer by: 

  • Safely exploring ways of using AI solutions to provide better customer services and efficiency improvements  
  • Positioning NSW to be future ready with relevantly skilled workforce to implement and manage AI enabled services 



  • Draw on insights and best practice from other jurisdictions and consultation with academia, NSW government, Commonwealth government, industry, NGOs and citizens
  • Provide AI case studies in NSW government for short- and medium-term customer benefit
  • Establish Whole of NSW Government coordination and position on implementing and developing AI solutions to benefit the customer
  • Align with Commonwealth and NSW Government related strategies 



The AI Strategy will be developed using a customer-centred design (human centred design) methodology. We start with understanding the challenges and needs of AI users, then develop an early prototype of the strategy and test with users and reiterate the design until it is fit for purpose, usable and future-ready.  


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