Buying ICT

Using mandated whole-of-government contracts
Check to see if the product or service you’re purchasing is available on a mandated whole-of-government contract.These contracts cover items such as laptops and computers. You’ll need to use a mandated whole-of-government contract if one exists and suits your purchase.

Using sellers on the ICT Services Scheme
If you’re purchasing ICT that’s not on a mandated whole-of-government contract, you’ll need to use a seller that’s registered on the ICT Services Scheme.

Purchases up to $5,000
You don’t need to use a mandated whole-of-government contract or a seller on the ICT Services Scheme if you’re purchasing ICT valued up to $5,000 (including GST).

Entering into a contract with a seller
You need to use the Procure IT Contracting Framework when you’re purchasing ICT. It’s made up of:

  • the Short Form Contract for low risk purchases less than $150,000 (excluding GST)
  • Procure IT 3.2 for purchases that are high risk or more than $150,000 (excluding GST)

Where to get help
Visit ProcurePoint for more information about buying for the NSW Government. The ICT Category Management team manages NSW Government ICT procurement. If you need to contact the team, please email

Transforming the way Government buys ICT
Work is currently underway to transform the way Government buys ICT. If you’d like to register for updates about the transformation, please email

Transforming the way government buys ICT

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation is working to improve ICT procurement for buyers and sellers through the ICT Procurement Transformation Program. Since November 2017, we’ve been talking to buyers and sellers to understand their challenges during the procurement process. We’ve also been working to evolve existing practices to adapt to the dynamic needs of the ICT environment.

Currently, we’re delivering:

  • Easier ways for buyers and sellers to connect with each other
  • Simpler and more consistent processes
  • Faster procurement cycle times
  • Plain language contracting frameworks with balanced protections
  • a new platform that makes it easier for buyers and sellers to connect
  • greater transparency on NSW Government ICT spend

For more information, visit ProcurePoint.

If you’re interested in more active involvement, for example, in user research, or as a member of our reference group you can express your interest by emailing us at