Invest for Customer Outcomes

Our long-term goals

We will only invest when we are certain there are clear and tangible outcomes for our customers, based on real customer feedback.

We’ll take a digital approach to funding – smaller, faster, simpler.  We’ll only seek outcomes that are socially, economically and environmentally responsible. Where we make savings, we will reinvest this in more digital services for customers. 

Cluster 10-year plans will form the basis of investment prioritisation and enable outcomes.

Building towards our future

We’ve legislated the Digital Restart Fund as a way to reimagine how we plan and fund digital in NSW. We’ve started with a $100m investment and will build the fund over time.


The Digital Restart Fund

is a way to reimagine how we plan and fund digital in NSW

Money bag


has been invested as a starting point

We’ve started building solutions around customer journeys as a way to break down the silos of government, NGOs, other jurisdictions and private organisations. 

Initial 10-year investment plans for government clusters have been developed to enable long term planning for large complex system problems and short-term agile delivery – both supported by the Digital Restart Fund.


Initial 10-year investment plans

have been developed to enable long-term planning and short-term agile delivery

We’re standardising on re-usable platforms to deliver services faster, create efficiency and a consistent customer experience. And we’re investing in a minimum-security capability for all-of-government services to ensure we maintain the confidence of our customers.

We’ve developed the NSW 2040 Economic Blueprint that sets the direction for New South Wales’ continued success in a changing world and expanding global economy. The Blueprint identifies challenges and risks, and highlights major opportunities for the NSW Government to grow industries, innovate and improve our economy.


Economic Blueprint

NSW 2040 Economic Blueprint

sets the direction for New South Wales' continued success

We've launched NSW Government Operational Communications Strategy 2020 developed by the NSW Telco Authority. The strategy charts a ten year technology roadmap to deliver mission-critical voice and data-enabled services to meet growing customer needs and help keep people and places safe.

Communication Sattelite

NSW Operational Communications Strategy 2020

will help keep people and places safe

The $100 million Gig Stateproject will boost regional internet service with network infrastructure and increased fibre capacity in regional NSW, to deliver a faster and more reliable service to regional communities and businesses.

Gig State

will boost regional internet services

Our strategic objectives are:

  1. Deliver reforms that matter most to customers, including those experiencing disadvantage or with complex needs

  2. Achieve social, economic and environmental outcomes using strategic partnerships

  3. Accelerate delivery and enabling digital ways of working via new funding methods and support services

  4. Establish alignment of cluster investments with government strategic objectives and priorities

  5. Shift effort and budget from running ICT to transforming customer services

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