Engage and Use Data Insights

Our long-term goals

Work with the people of NSW to understand what they need as our customers. Deliver strategic priorities and improve services by using insights and real time feedback from them.

If we make customer-driven decisions, then we create services that directly meet customer needs. To do this, we need to build engaging with our customers into everything we do. Then we can make decisions with them, not for them.

Building towards our future

Our customers see us as one government so we need to respond by collectively working together to provide easy and empathetic experiences for them. We will continue working together across government, so our communication efforts are coordinated and have greater impact and benefit for our customers.

We will provide targeted, relevant information and be responsive to customer feedback about our communications and engagement. It will mean our customers know that the NSW Government brand that can be trusted, respected and valued.

Our Behavioural Insights Unit (BIU) uses evidence and methods from behavioural science to design and test improvements to complex public policy challenges. For example, BIU analysed over 1.1 million public sector job applications and conducted qualitative research to design and test behaviourally-informed messages to encourage more women to apply for senior roles.

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Behavioural insights

are applied to explore issues, develop solutions to address challenges, and rigorously test what works

Our Data Analytics Centre is improving outcomes for the people of NSW by using advanced analytics and data science. Converging with data.nsw to facilitate safe and secure access for inter-agency collaboration and data sharing capabilities.

Cloud collaboration

Data Analytics Centre

improves outcomes for NSW people by using advanced analytics and data science

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Converging with data.nsw

facilitates safe and secure access for collaborations and data sharing

We are in partnership with CSIRO's Data61, developing a proof of concept for a ‘Digital Twin’: a complete, current, accurate and reliable 4D framework model of our physical environment, and trialling this in the expanding Western Sydney City Deal, one of the largest (BETA) digital twins in the world.


In partnership with CSIRO's Data61

developing a proof of concept "Digital Twin", one of the largest (BETA) digital twins in the world

Our strategic objectives are:

  1. Ensure our customers can meaningfully engage with us and contribute to decision-making

  2. Streamline and simplify our message to customers

  3. Create services and communications based on customer needs using data and behavioural insights

  4. Provide greater transparency to our customers

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