Our Commitments

Customers today expect more secure, transparent, accessible, and responsive services from government. And those expectations are rising with more customers transacting online every day.

The NSW Government has already taken the bold move to create the Department of Customer Service. Our next step is to reimagine how we can go beyond digital to deliver a truly customer-driven strategy.

This strategy embeds customer commitments and outcomes into the heart of a digital strategy to truly go Beyond Digital.

Regardless of what service is being delivered, whether it’s face-to-face, online or behind the scenes, customers consistently tell us they expect certain behaviours from NSW Government.

These behaviours now form our Customer Service Commitments

These commitments outline our promise to customers on what they can expect when receiving all NSW Government services.

To find out more about the Customer Commitments and how NSW Government is putting customer’s at the centre see Towards a customer-centric government


Easy to engage.

Make it easy to access what I need

Make it simple for me to understand

Act with empathy.

Show you understand my situation

Treat me fairly and with respect

Provide service in my time of need

Respect my time.

Tell me what I need to know beforehand

Minimise the need for me to repeat myself

Make what I need to do straightforward

Explain what to expect

Be clear about what steps are involved

Contact me when I need to know something

Let me know what the outcomes could be

Resolve the situation.

Be accountable for your actions

Be clear in decision-making

Reach an outcome

Engage the community

Listen to the community to understand our needs

Ask us how we want services delivered

We need actions across our five strategic directions to implement the strategy.

We must put customers at the centre of everything we do. We need to deliver Government Made Easy by engaging through data and insights.

The strategy reimagines investing for better outcomes, in particular to deliver better frontline technology.

And, it will help us create a World Class Public Service with capabilities for the future, particularly in regional NSW.

That is our commitment.

Sign here to help us deliver on these commitments and put Beyond Digital into practice.

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