Licensing platform (Licence.NSW)

Licensing should be fast, simple and straightforward for citizens and businesses to achieve authorisation to perform an activity, whilst easy for regulators to manage licences and compliance effectively, in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Government Licensing System (GLS) has enabled licensing system jurisdictional agencies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the issuance and on-going support of their licensing programs. By providing a comprehensive and fully integrated system, GLS has unified all participating licensing agencies across NSW into a single platform.

Single platform

  • Licence management
  • Digital licence
  • Batch licence printing
  • Compliance management
  • Analytics & data intelligence
  • Document verification services
  • Document management
  • Payments and transactions
  • Asset management
  • Registered training and course organisation management – part of any licensing requirements

Customer outcomes

Jurisdictional agencies can realise many benefits including:

  • Reduced red tape
  • Improved services to public
  • Lower IT costs across government
  • Improved data quality
  • Standardised processes
  • Better availability and security
  • Increased consumer protection.

Licensing features

Licensing-as-a-service includes a multitude of items including:

  • Digital Licensing
  • Customer interface/s
  • Agency back office operating environment
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Data services
  • Consultancy, design and implementation services
  • Providing scalable and productive solutions
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Integration to BPay, IVR and other 3rd party systems
  • Public Register for licences, permits and registrations

Digital transformation

Provides the capability to use web based, or digital-device based, transactions for any legacy paper-based transaction. This can be delivered as an additional feature to our License & Compliance offering or as an independent product. Transactions that can be performed digitally include the following, as examples.

  • Applications for licences, permits, registrations, certificates etc
  • Renewal of licences, permits, registrations, certificates etc
  • Update of Individual Contact Details
  • End-to-end Self-Service management of licences, permits, registrations, certificates etc. This includes transfer of ownership,
  • Periodic payments and returns licences, permits, registrations, certificates etc.
  • Notifications - e.g. notification of disposal, Trust accounts etc


This solution enable agencies to...

  • Replace paper-based forms with digital forms
  • Deliver real-time data access
  • Deliver real-time update of licensee details
  • Provide secure transaction
  • Provide access via smart-device app
  • Enact changes to legislation without having to consider delay in replacement of physical stocks
  • Deliver real-time licence renewal
  • Deliver generic branded services
  • Provide secure data connection
  • STD certificate business rule


  • Siebel CRM 20.4
  • Amanda7
  • Smartform Web App


Development cost: 

  • Please contact your GTP representative for a customised quote. 


Full complicance with all relevant data, privacy, PCI and cyber security requirements.

Government Licensing System (GLS)

  • 13M+ licences, permits and registration records
  • 12M+ searches and transactions annually
  • 140+ licence, permit and registration categories
  • 1300+ digitised licences, permits and registrations
  • 12+ legacy systems replaced
  • 100+ manual processes replaced



GTP led, DCS team is developing a next-generation licensing service - Licence.NSW. This will improve:

  • the customer experiences
  • in standardising licensing processes
  • regulation management
  • Rapid, parallel license development
  • Integration with common NSW Government Services
  • accurate data for reporting
  • responsiveness to business
  • 360-degree view of customer where legislation allows
  • data sharing

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